Monday, April 23, 2007

Looking Back


This last year has been, simultaneously, the longest and the fastest year of my life. In some ways, the months have flown by, and I can hardly believe that time has passed so quickly. But at the same time, it seems like it has been an eternity since Robb broke his spine.

I'm really, really nervous about leaving Robb to go do this job in New York. Prior to the accident, I would often leave home for freelance painting jobs. I spent five months in Connecticut, doing an internship. I worked at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival for three months. I spent eight summers living in rural New York, painting opera scenery. But, I never had any doubts that Robb could manage without me.

As a bit of a reality check, I took a look at what was going on twelve months ago. I needed to see how far we've progressed.

One Year Ago

Robb was home from the hospital. At this time, Robb was only able to stand for forty-five minutes at a time. He was exhausted most of the time, but we were starting to go out on little recreational outings. He was still using the walker and the wheelchair, a lot of the time. He was not permitted to walk up or down stairs without someone "guarding" him, in case of a fall. I had just returned to work, and we had therapists coming to the house. Robb wrote his first entry on this weblog. Robb was able to laugh, without causing himself terrible pain.

This was a difficult time, but we were beginning to get the hang of things.

And now, because I'm taking this brief out-of-town job, I'm worrying about how Robb will do on his own. I'm not just worried about the domestic stuff, or if the cats will lose their minds and eat his face off as he sleeps.

I'm worried that Robb will feel isolated and lonely. So do take a moment to leave us a note on the blog (click the word "comments" at the bottom of the posting). Or give us a call, or stop by for half an hour some time.


wassamatta_u said...

Robb and lisa,
Truly wishing you both the best on this newest "adventure". I live an hour or so away, but if you get in a bind, Robb, and need anything, give me a call.

dorks anonymous said...

Robb is invited to all sorts of shenanigans in San Jose. Just lemme know. Everything will be fine.


Anonymous said...

I think your reality check is good; this trip would have been unimaginable not so long ago. That you can do it is a testimony to how far you've both come-- it'll be a good chance to re-connect with your creative mojo--- and y'know, like Hunter said, everything will be fine--

Shenanigans with DA-- you are one lucky dude!! We're a little ways away too, but happy to step in as well--

Anna and the kids

Anonymous said...

Cats eating Robb's face off, eh? Sounds like they have been talking to my cats.

Everything will be fine. The worst that will happen is that Robb will throw a party and get left cleaning up after everyone else leaves. As long as the cats lick stuff up off the floor the place (and Robb) won't be in too much of a mess when you get back all covered in paint.

PS- we are here in PA now and the clean country air is fully flavored with the smell of manure. Yum!


Eclipse said...

Best of luck on this adventure - for both of you! I bet Robb will do just fine - you have a lot of friends looking out for you!

Mel Bratz said...

Hello, Robb & Lisa!

It's Mel B in Baltimore.

I'm too far away to visit, but I figured I'd say hello. If you want to browse some fun pictures, Mickey (remember painter Mickey? at the Baltimore Opera?) is doing a self portrait a day project:

and I'm keeping busy at McDonogh, we finished Our Town a few weeks ago. Since there wasn't much set, I got to pour my creativity into the lighting design, and that was a good challenge. Pics are here if you're curious -

I love seeing all your photos of time outside & reading about your doings!


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