Sunday, April 08, 2007



Just when we're celebrating new-found independence, I catch a cold. I was in bed all day, while Robb struggled with household chores.

I have to go into work tomorrow, and then because there's an event scheduled onstage on our biggest work day before opening, my intern and I get to come back and finish our work late at night. When I took my current job, I was thrilled to be finally working at at theater that didn't expect us to work these kinds of hours.

Oh well, I accept that all things change. And we have to adapt ourselves to the change, and find the joyful moments in the unpleasant challenges.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Having to work long hours when you're sick sucks. Sorry.

What is that GORGEOUS blue bird?

Gina said...

That IS the most amazing fellow! What is he?


deniserows said...

hope you are feeling better. if you get a chance i sent you an aqmail about whaleboating. nothing like fresh air.


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