Thursday, March 01, 2007

Holdin' On

Yesterday I talked to someone at the DMV office which is handling my re-licensing process. I needed to call again because I've been waiting for eleven weeks for them to respond to my request for a driving test. It's taken so long that, now, my learner's permit is about to expire.

I explained the situation and there was a good sign immediately. The person on the other end of the phone actually seemed to be listening. There was a pause as she called up my file and then:
"What the... (pause)... HELL! December 15th! What are they thinking?! They've kept you waiting since December?!" Uh-huh. She was obviously all riled up and then put me on hold for quite a while as I sat there imagining a DMV office erupting into a Three Stooges routine.

Well. A note has been added to my file to expedite this request and my permit has been extended.

And the person I spoke to? I've got her name and extension number written down in a safe place.


knitica said...

It's funny, I think lots of us have never considered a situation where we'd have to take a driving test again. It looks like your recovery is full of big and small surprises!

Good luck in your continued dealings with the DMV and in the road test. I don't know that I'd want to parallel park in such a hilly area with a test giver next to me!

Martha said...

I hope your safe place is safer than mine are!


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