Friday, March 02, 2007

moving right along

The most recent show at Berkeley Repertory Theatre opened two nights ago. The stripy metallic floors, the shiny mirrored walls, and that handmade sock all turned out well. And now we are ready to move on to the next project.

My wonderful intern Sheri has been helping me play an amusing game of Automotive Musical Chairs over the last few weeks. Here's how it goes:

Pick up blue car from the shop that installed the adaptive driving gear.

Drive less than a quarter of a mile on San Pablo Avenue to the mechanic to get the squealing belts fixed on blue car. Repairs are done. Pick up blue car.

Drive less than a quarter of a mile on San Pablo Avenue to get squealing belts fixed on red car. Repairs are done. Pick up red car.

Drive less than a quarter of a mile on San Pablo Avenue to (finally!) get the body work done on poor smashed-up red car. Repairs are done. Pick up red car.

We still need to have the adaptive brakes adjusted on the blue car, and to have the leak in the windshield wiper reservoir repaired. And we will probably never solve the mystery of who swapped out (swiped?) one of the tires on the red car.

Robb and I are always looking for ways to extend the range of our activities. Robb pushes himself like crazy in therapy and at home, and slowly ... slowly ... his stamina is improving. The down side to all of his activity is the muscular spasticity that occurs as a result of physical activity. At the end of a typical day, Robb's muscles are so clenched that he cannot even bed his knees to walk.

But, this doesn't stop us from pushing against our so-called limitations.

So, as a test of whether or not we can manage air travel, we've booked a flight to Portland Oregon, on the weekend of Saint Patrick's Day. We plan to get together with some of our as-yet-unmet online friends, but the main point of the trip is to see if Robb can actually manage this sort of travel. Rather than book a trans-continental flight, and endure five hours of agony, we're trying a short experimental jaunt.

Cross your fingers for us, and look for us at the Spring Flinger!

The photo of me and the car is from when we were living in Manchester, Connecticut. Quite a different landscape from Northern California!


Kath said...

Is that the sock you knit for the play? I imagined it was just a short little thing, but it's quite substantial. I like it!

shiloh said...

Good luck on the plane trip. I hope it goes well for you. On longer flights especially,they will let you get up and walk. You do need to relieve yourself afterall. :)

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

This sock was supposed to be an almost-finished little boy's knee sock. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

I love the red subaru. (cherry loliop) And I was thinking that church looked very New England.


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