Friday, March 02, 2007

shaken awake

I've not been getting enough sleep lately, and so last night I curled up with Linguine and a good book, and promptly conked out.

Some time later, I woke up, feeling very confused. Robb was asking me the classic earthquake question, "Did you feel that?" "Oh," I asked, "did we just have an earthquake?" I've been known to sleep through earthquakes in the past.

Seems this was the longest quake that we had experienced, although like all the quakes so far, it wasn't particularly strong.

Nothing gets the neighbors out into the halls of our building faster than a good seismic jolt. This weekend, I'll take a good look at our earthquake preparedness kits, and see if they have the right stuff for Robb's current medical needs.


Anonymous said...

Boy do we miss the frequent quakes! It's strange not having them all the time now.

Team Springamajack

Syndee said...

I remember experiencing one earthquake in my life-in Japan. I was 17 and had no idea what was going on. I was touring a huge budda (you could go inside it) and all of a sudden we were forced outside into an open area where it felt as though we were on some sort of people mover that wasn't really moving, but bumping along every so often. FUN.
Lisa, I like the slide show you added on the front page of your blog. Robb, I hope the flight is bearable for you.

Anonymous said...

I heard you guys had a 10 second quake in the news and wondered if you would feel it.

I slept thru one when it happened, which freaked me out more than knowing I had actually been in one.

Hook up a pully system in your window so Robb can let himself out instead of taking all those stairs. Or I still think him para-gliding out the window is a better idea. Why wait for an earthquake?

Still getting ice storms here.



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