Tuesday, March 06, 2007

it's going swimmingly!

Robb had a visit with his physiatrist yesterday. For those, like me, who never heard of this medical discipline before, a physiatrist is a doctor of rehabilitation. Dr. Dana oversees Robb's case, and is the one who writes the prescriptions for things like Robb's ankle braces or zippy black tricycle.

This time, Robb left the office with a prescription for Aquatic Therapy. Instead of just occasionally messing around in a pool, he will actually work with a therapist.

I'm really pleased about this, because it is only in water that Robb is able to support his weight on his toes. Hopefully, he will be able to exercise some muscles that he has not been able to access previously.


Martha said...

You really have a good team of people helping you guys! The aqua therapy sounds like it will be of great use.


Anonymous said...

Cool, but what kind of duck is that?

. . . Lisa . . . said...

It is a BUFFLEHEAD! Possibly one of the funnest bird names. Right up there with the Blue Footed Booby.

Mel B said...

Hi, Lisa & Robb - have a gorgeous time in Portland. Next time I'm in Seattle, I'm going to see if I can make it down to Portland for my first Powell's visit. Miss you both -
Mel Bratz

Anonymous said...

FYI (You probably already know this):

Berkeley High has a "warm" pool that is perfect for rehab. So does the Berkeley YMCA (which is actually where I spent two years rehabilitating a shoulder injury).

And for an outdoor pool with just the coolest view ever, buy a pass to the Pheobe Hearst Gymnasium Pool at Cal (up the hill from the aquatics/sports center). Was designed by Julia Morgan, and yep, it's made of marble. There's even a parking structure right there you might be able to fanagle a parking space in!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Thanks for the info, Renee.

We do swim at the Berkeley High School "warm" pool. Quite the social scene, which we haven't really broken into, yet!

shiloh said...

WOW a prescription Trike!!!

Um...could I get a prescription too so my insurance will pay for it?

Hey Bevis...she said booby.....


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