Thursday, March 15, 2007

Intrepid Travelers

Today, Robb and I are going to embark on a Major Experiment. We are going to try to fly. Before you say to yourself, "Wow! That Robb is certainly determined," and start marveling at what he's learned in all those physical therapy sessions, I'll explain.

My friends Erica and Chris are getting married this Spring in Buffalo, New York. Erica was my housemate for many summers when I worked at the Glimmerglass Opera. Robb and I would love to attend this wedding, but we're unsure if he would be able to manage the trans-continental flight. So, we decided to try a short trip to see how air travel agrees with Robb.

We're flying up to Portland, Oregon and from there we will travel to Washington State (I always say it that way, since I grew up just outside of Washington, DC). We're going to soak in the local color, and attend a bunch of events with our letterboxing pals.

Wish us luck! To anyone who thinks bad thoughts, Linguine says "Phooey!"


ArtGekko said...

Yay for the adventurers! I hope all goes well and you have a great time!

Does Linguine *always* have his/her tongue out?! Silly kitty-fuzz! :)

Lock Wench said...

I swear to God, when I read this title I thought it said "Insipid Travelers." Certainly piqued my interest!

Have a wonderful time at the fling. May your airline pillow be new, your luggage inscreened, and the baby sitting next to you be asleep.

Smooches -


... lisa ... said...

Insipid travelers!


knitica said...

Actually, I think Linguine is commentting on Robb's bed head. Robb, how do you feel about that particular shot on the internet for all to see?

shiloh said...

I have no doubt your trip will be fine. Except for maybe lost luggage. :)

Anonymous said...

If Robb has any metal parts in him from the accident, they will have to put him on the actual xray machine and put him through the scanner. It tickles when they do that.

Wear easily removable shoes, and be patient about it. It takes a long time to get thru airport in any case, so try and keep your sense of humor. Wear slip on and slip off shoes, dont take any water or opened products, and don't greet loudly any friends of yours named Jack.



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