Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun in the Sun


Yesterday was another day in the sun, riding our bikes on the Bay Trail. But it was more than that, too.

About the time Lisa and I began pondering this recumbent trike idea, I had in mind a particular ride I wanted to take. It's a section of the Bay Trail north of Berkeley which continues along the shoreline for five or six miles. We'd never traveled the path that far north before so it seemed like good "first" to go for.

Secretly, I have to admit, I really didn't think I could do it. All through the process of wishing, planning and actually getting the trike, I harbored the fear that once I got it I would be incapable of pedaling for more than a few minutes. Such was the success I had whenever I tried to use exercise bikes in the gym.

But an amazing thing happens when I get into that reclining seat and clip my shoes into those pedals (OK... when Lisa gets off her bike and comes over to clip my shoes onto the pedals for me). I can go and go and go. Ten miles, yesterday. Seven, the day before.

Does it help that I can rest while Lisa stops every few minutes to put her lens on some or other amazing creature? You bet.

Am I feeling like a weekend of fun has just caught up with me? You bet.


Music Woman said...

Wow! I'm not sure I could ride that many miles in a weekend, and I'm mostly healthy!

Kudos Robb!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Robb, yah, right now if i did that many miles, my legs would be complaining, not to mention my posterior

it must be amazing for you to do that even if you pay afterwards..


M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Not sure how I messed up that post above....but what I"m trying to say is: AWESOME!! I can not even walk that many miles 'cause I"m so out of shape... very encouraging...great to see such progress!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Hey, I've got an idea- put a video camera on the bike so we can see what you see from your level. I bet it's an entirely new perspective.

My butt is aching in sympathy for you, next you'll have bike-butt blisters if you overdo it, so watch out.



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