Friday, February 02, 2007

on the move?

We're Getting our Wagon Back!!!!

After something like a month and a half, there is some movement in the process of installing adaptive driving gear in our car. Remember all this? We had to take the car forty miles away to have all this installed, and when it was, not only did none of the gear fit Robb, but the mechanics messed up our brakes? And we haven't had our car during the entire period.

Yeah. Remember that?

So, today, I am going to the mechanics to sign a form saying something along the lines of "I am satisfied with the condition of my car." And then, the car will be towed to another company -- one town over from us -- that will install all of this, all over again. Only this time, they will ADAPT it to fit Robb. Imagine that! Adapting the (oh wait? what was that stuff called again? hang on, it will come to me....) adaptive gear, so that Robb can actually drive.

In Happier News...

Robb is really and truly getting a recumbent trike! I'm so utterly thrilled!

Not only is he getting a custom made trike (you can't exactly buy one off the sales floor at Target, or your local bike store), but he'll be getting a frame thingy so that he can use the trike as an exercise bike. We've got to try to clear out some room in our garage...

Neither of us are certain how much stamina Rob will have for this trike, but even if we go out on the bike trail and only manage a short distance, it will be so delightful for Robb to be able to move quickly, and feel the wind in his hair.


dorks anonymous said...

Yippee! Glad that there is some modicum of progress on the car. Very glad that you will be zipping along on your new trike, Robb. Very exciting stuff is afoot.

Anonymous said...

WATCH OUT, RAGBRI !!! That is what it is called, right? Nothing like some pie-fueled biking. I figure if Robb can use that bike for a bit, it might even help for him to tow his own pie cart behind him after awhile. You can sell pie and drinks from the recumbant bike cart and make some dough as you make some muscles.

I reckon thats a fine idea to bring to America's heartland. Please dont mock my idea. A ceramics friend of mine married a guy from the Mt Olympus area of Greece, they started up a Zeus worship society to re-introduce ethnic pagan rituals back in the area. I suggested they let me attend and sell t-shirts that say "I worshipped Zeus on Mt. Olympus and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" .

I can't wait to hear their response. Perhaps they would let us introduce recumbant biking in their ceremony? Religion is more fun to worship when we mangle it with modernity, I figure. We could probably figure out a way to work your new car into the act as well, eh?


shiloh said...

In the grand scheme of things I guess it's good news about the car. Having to sign a release saying your satisfied with shoddy work just to get it towed to a place to have it done right? I so want to pay a visit to this place but I don't want to wind up in jail. :)

There is a store here in Arkansas that sells a trike very much like the one you have pictured here but the price is a bit out of my budget.$2000.

Kim said...

YAYY, on the car, and the bike!

knitica said...

Oh man, the new bike is such good news! Owning a bike you can ride again after a whole year, it must feel like Christmas! Maybe get Lisa to wrap it and put it under a tree?


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