Friday, February 09, 2007

It's the Little Things

Robb has been working with two therapists, one of whom is a Feldenkrais practitioner. When I ask him about his sessions with Lori, he usually says that they spent the session doing very tiny movements.

Despite the miniscule activities, these sessions totally kick Robb's butt. The day after a Lori session is an exhausted day for Robb. But he really loves working with Lori. She is helping him reconnect with his body, and feel more whole.

I had the day off, and attended therapy with Robb. Lori was very kind and allowed me to take a few photos. The therapy gym is very impressive, and I really enjoyed meeting Robb's therapists.

After therapy, Robb and I went for a little walk in a nearby park. It was another rainy day, and the walk was not very long.

After a fairly dry winter, we are getting a bit of rain, which bodes well for spring wildflowers.

Our climate brings us lots of moss, which I find really beautiful.

We may be moving at a much slower pace, but this allows us to really look around and appreciate our surroundings.


Lock Wench said...

Once again, wonderful pics. I can almost smell the loam. Nice pic of Robb too! Luckily, I can't smell him during his workout. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Robb looks like one of those people training for the Olympics. I dont see any moss growing on him in the pictures, so you guys must be pretty busy. Enjoy your warm weather, its considered warm here when it gets up to 11.



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