Friday, February 23, 2007

creative thinking

Robb has always been a problem solver. He's a lot like the eponymous character in the television series, MacGyver (minus, of course, the dubious mid-80's hairdo). Give Robb a well-stocked junk drawer, and he can solve anything.

Last night, I was leaving the house to go to the photo shoot at the final dress rehearsal of the current show at Berkeley Repertory Theater, when I realized that the beautiful boots Robb bought me for xmas were a tad too long for the new adaptive controls in our car. The toe was getting tangled up in the hardware that connected the foot pedals to the hand controls.

I called upstairs and asked Robb to throw a pair of shoes out the window for me. I figured that he was going to pelt me in the head, as if I were an overly loud cat in a black and white cartoon.

When I arrived under our living room window, Robb was lowering a pair of my clogs out the window, latched to the end of my hundred-foot tape measure.

It is exactly this kind of quick thinking and adaptive creativity that convinces me that wherever Robb's recovery ends up, Robb is going to be all right.


Syndee (Poyner) Zegel said...

It's amazing how some people can just think outside the box. Speaking of boxes, I was intrigued by the letterboxing references in your posts. I went to a website, and now my kids and I want to get started. Thanks for giving us an inexpensive, yet valuable way, to spend quality time together as a family!
Robb, your recovery is inspiring. I saw Robbi and Andrea's posts, and I'm thankful for your site, to really learn about what has been happening in your life as well as reconnecting to the past.

robb said...

Thanks Syndee.
The outpouring of support from our family & friends (old & new) has been a huge part of my recovery process.

I wish there were more letterboxes in your area to get you started. (I think the closest ones are in Middle Island, Ridge and Smithtown) But, then, you guys can make and plant some of your own. Have fun


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