Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yummy Painting

Although we haven't completely figured out how we're going to paint all parts of the floor for the next show, I decided that we should at least apply the first coat of paint, and let it cure over the weekend. My intern Sheri took this photo. I think it gives a very good sense of the scale on which we work. This is going to be a huge math project, and I'm really going to miss Robb on the job site. I'm perfectly capable of doing layout, but when the phone is ringing, and people are asking me questions, I always worry that I'll lose focus and make a mistake. When I put Robb in charge of any math or layout projects, I had total confidence that everything would be perfect.

The colors on the floor reminded me and Sheri of food, particularly of Neapolitan candies, those stripy coconut sweets made by Brach's.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to enlist Robb's help by remote.....unless you are like me and need hands-on instructions. He is as close as the phone, isn't he....and always willing to help however he can?

knitica said...

Man I love those candies.


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