Saturday, January 20, 2007

We've got Spirit!

Some weekends, Robb and I do not go out into nature. Occasionally, something else catches our attention. This week, I stumbled on some photos of St. George Spirits, a "craft distillery" on the old Alameda naval base. I thought the place looked interesting, so Robb, Christine and I set out for a tour.

The distillery did not disappoint. The tasting room was very nicely designed. (The display of fruit-infused vodkas looked just like creepy medical displays of preserved specimens in formaldehyde. Like Babies in Jars. Nice.)

The stills were beautiful, as was the wooden ceiling.

The building itself was impressive. A 65,000 square foot converted World War Two era airplane hangar. This was just one tiny corner of the space.

We gawked.

And we tasted.

We laughed

And then we went and had lunch.


Ryan said...

It's kind of remarkable there aren't more pregnant woman walking around! But I still think it's a bad idea to walk up to a pregnant woman and say, "My, you've been hitting the bottle hard, haven't you?" =)

Anonymous said...

When I was in college I learned that Beer is its own food group.


shiloh said...

Brewing/distilling equipment is quit a sight with all the polished copper and wooden barrels. Think of all the craftsmanship that went into builing all that and to be food safe.

. . . Lisa & Robb . . . said...

No kidding, Shiloh! I can't imagine the work it took to turn an abandoned airplane hangar into a food-production facility!

This really is a fun factory tour. They take their production seriously, but are also very light hearted.


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