Monday, January 29, 2007

Three Hundred Sixty Five Days

I'm unsure what I thought the one-year mark was supposed to bring us, so I'm at a bit of a loss for what to write as a retrospective.

I was going to share some of the astonishingly kind comments that people had left on our blog, but I got really embarrassed by by the thought of re-typing the kind things everyone wrote. I know I haven't given proper thanks for the large and small acts of kindness that we've received over the past year. I don't have words to explain how much everyone's hopeful wishes, wild senses of humor, and prayers have meant to us this past year.

Family. Friends. Doctors. Nurses. Therapists. The sweethearts and angels at the insurance company. Total strangers who took a moment to wish us well. Everyone. We want to thank you all.

And who knows? Maybe we'll get together some time, not so far from now, and go hiking in Nevada. Looks like fun, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hiking sounds like a logical and reasonable goal.....given the progress Robb has made.....with his hard work and your love and determined devotedness.

sheila said...

Hi Lisa
I can't believe it's been one year.
It's impressive what the human spirit can endure - it's been a year of so many trials met with incredible strength. I don't know if I could have gone through this with as much courage you and Robb have displayed.

I can't put into words how admirable you two have dealt with the accident and all that has followed. I am confident you will continue to persevere
and find the positive in life to keep you moving forward. immensely moving
and inspirational.
love and kisses

Becky said...

I am so grateful to you two for sharing your continuing journey with all of us. I wish better..better..BEST for you in this new year!

And thanks for getting me into letterboxing.. our first "field trip" is this weekend!

With lots of love,
Ventura, CA

greg & nicole said...

We follow you progress every day, it's almost like we are back in CA or something, then we realize it's snowing and that yes, this is Baltimore.
We want to know if there are any healing (mental or physical) related resolutions for this new year.

greg & nicole weddig

Gina said...

I think of you daily. Read of you daily. Send good thoughts to you daily. And admire you both for all you've endured, all you've been to each other and me and others, and all that you are and will be.

I have this excerpt from a WD Snodgrass poem above my desk; it always seems appropriate on certian occassions and does now as well:

"We shall afford our costly Season.
There is a Gentleness survives,
That will outspeak and has its reason.
There is a Lovliness exists. Preserves us,
Not for Specialists."

May the coming year preserve in you the spirit of gentleness, lovliness and delightful creative spunkiness that you've shared with us all as you've moved through this costly season.

xo and xo and even more xo,

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb,

I just want to say you are such an inspiration. I hope the coming year is so good for you and Lisa.

Janet, Blooming Flowers
DFW, Texas

Lightnin Bug said...

Good Morning and Greetigns from PA Robb!

You are in our thoughts and we offer you encouragement and a hearty "keep kickin' butt" in your hard work and persistence.

We hope continued improvement int he upcoming year and wish you the best!

Hi To Lisa as well. We hope to someday meet you guys!

Lightnin' Bug and Tony Tony Chopper
Allentown, PA

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket today, what the hey, maybe luck will swing around again this day and it will be of the good kind this time.

If we win the lottery we will sign Robb up for one of those 6 million dollar man operations. I wonder if it costs more to get the sound effects in 2007. If it doesnt come with sound effects, you guys might reject the offer, eh?

We wish Good luck to you guys, you have both been surviving and even advancing since the accident last year. A lot can change in a year- I bet Saddam would offer to change places with Robb in a heartbeat, eh? Did you get the Saddam's Cat video I sent you. It was sick and I loved it.

On the medical side- I believe advances have been occuring with all the US troop injuries- I suggest keep up with your doctors orders, yet investigate what military doctors are trying out with similar injuries as well. I know from being in a military family the Docs are willing to try different stuff when it comes to recovery from injuries.

At least Robb cant be drafted now, eh?
Watch out Lisa!

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

Dearest Robb and Lisa,
I'm sending my love from this great deep freezer of a place I moved to. It is snowing at the moment, which makes the cold worthwhile (mostly).

I am grateful I have been able to visit twice this past year and to witness for myself the progress that you have made, Robb. On my next visit, a bike ride is on the plan. The recumbent bikes are so cool, I may need to try it out!

Hugs to both of you on this day!

ashley said...

Hey you guys,
I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much lately...but I'm so glad to have you both as friends. You know you can always call if you need anything anytime. Really. I hope you do some sort of voodoo dance today to ward of evil spirits and celebrate your progress. Let's totally go hiking -- see you the next nice day after tech?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb & Lisa:

I have been lurking on this blog, but no comments so far. Today's anniversary seemed like a good time to come out and say that I am amazed at how far you (both) have come in a year. Who knows how far you will go in the next? Given your progress, hiking in Nevada seems imminently possible. Continued silent cheering and best wishes from the east coast.

-- Queen B in NJ

dorks anonymous said...

Hey you two--hanging out with you has been one of the few redeeming qualities of the Bay Area. You are inspiring and refreshing. Take care. hunter and cara

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Actually in Nevada. Ready to Hike. Short distances, level trails not a problem.
-Sten (in case you were wondering, Spamalot Las Vegas)


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