Thursday, January 11, 2007

theater et cetera

We're still quite busy at work, putting the finishing touches on our upcoming production of The Pillowman, which is a horribly dark (and shockingly funny) play. I have a new intern, whose father suffered a very similar spinal cord injury as Robb's. She told me that she hasn't seen her father walk since she was in the first grade.

I'm trying to get a project finished for my sister, but I took time out last night because I had theater tickets to the current show at the American Conservatory Theatre. Robb was exhausted, and stayed home, and I went out with my scenic painters. I wore the beautiful lace shawl that my brilliant sister knit for me this spring, and got loads of compliments. Martha is such a sweetie. She sent this shawl with a handmade pair of socks for Robb, and a note about how I might need some pampering, too.

This little birdie was on my sidewalk. I know it is a dreadful photo, but it really made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

That little birdie is too, too cute! Now, 'fess up, Lisa -- what exactly were you saying to him to get him to cock his head at you that way?


Anonymous said...

Hey! My self-made duct tape scarf is pretty darn rockin' as well!

Don't discriminate against those of us non-knitters... I watch a Canadian show called The Red Green show, which specializes in all things duct tape. The creative and slightly deranged of us on this planet (mostly Canadians, eh?) can fix cars, do field surgery, make scarves and fix helicoptor blades with it. I challenge your readers to be creative with it as a way to pass the time while waiting for new additions to your blog!


Anonymous said...

I believe this is a potentially award-winning photograph. You need to submit it to someone, somewhere. . .somehow.

Ron Sullivan said...

That's a wonderful photo! One thing I love about this season is all the wintering butterbutts.

. . . Lisa & Robb . . . said...

butterbutts????? wha-a-a-a-at?

Robb said...

THANK YOU!!!! We had been trying to identify this little birdie.

Now, can you clarify? Is this a Flamulated Butterbutt or a Unsalted Butterbutt.

(I thought it was an oleo.....)


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