Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Month

It has been a month since I had possession of our new car. As of this writing, there our car is still sitting in the parking lot of the company who installed the (inappropriate) adaptive gear.

It seems that there has been some kind of horrible communication error, and that all parties are upset with each other.

I don't know where things stand. I can't get answers. I want resolution. I want peace. I want my car back.


Anonymous said...

That totally sucks the big one- have you been using public transport to get around since then?

Glad to see you have posted a picture of one of the great art cars, the camera van you have shown was done by Harrold Blank, art car guy extradorinaire. He and some other car-minded people have gotten together and bought a place in Arizona and made an art car museum. If I had a big banana shaped car to loan to you now I would do it. I dont know if you would dirve it, but I bet you would.
Also, can you imagine the photo opportunities available to you at those nature preserves you 2 go to, if you "borrow" the camera van and cover it with birdseed? The amount of photos and bird poop boggle the mind.


Anonymous said...

Cars!! Can't live without 'em! One month ago, had a little -ugh, ugh- in the transmission. Couple of days later, another -ugh-. Took it to the dealer where I bougt it and where all required maintenance has been done to date. Couldn't find a problem. Yesterday, I limped into our local mechanic. Transmission needs to be replaced (duh!) $3,500 estimate!! Our 100,000 mi warranty would have covered it. Our mileage? 101,034.

Music Woman said...

Sick me on all parties, and I'll get your car back good as new ;-)

I can be very persuasive!

Music Woman

Anonymous said...

Unlike your friend music woman, I can't be very persuasive, but I give good psychotic- point me in the direction of the car guys and let me loose- theres no telling what insanity and duct tape and screaming can accomplish in a few short hours.

I learned many of these skills while teaching in an inner city junior high school.

Hehehehehe... you think I'm joking, dont you?

Annalisa (give me more prozac) Gojmerac


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