Thursday, January 18, 2007

a little goes a long way

I think I need to clarify the image I may have created, of me and Robb hiking all over Northern California. We do get out, and try to have outdoorsy adventures, but these are generally accomplished at a very sedate pace, and for short periods of time. Secretly, I think this is why Robb has been so generous in his gifts of optics. He can mosey along the trail at his current not-so-speedy pace, and I don't get impatient, because I'm busily trying to get my zillionth photo of a white-crowned sparrow, or something.

Last night was opening night of The Pillowman, at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Because of his limited "sitting tolerance," Robb only lasted through the first act. Our friend Gaby also left at intermission, but that was as a result of the disturbing subject matter.

We may not have as many long adventures as we used to, but we do savor every bit of fun we do have. Neither of us regret the change in our lives. I think of this as eating a few really high quality chocolates, instead of gorging on cheap candy bars.

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jackbear said...

I often encourage kids at the nature centers I have worked at to slow down on the trail. When I have practiced this myself, I find I always notice more and more at this slow pace. It awakens your senses. The speed that people walk on a sidewalk really shouldn't be the speed you walk on a trail, or at least if you really want to expericence more. Think of it like many insects did you see when you drove to the park? How many did you see when you biked through the park? How many did you see when you walked through the park? In my opinion...slow is good.



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