Thursday, January 18, 2007

Less Feels Like More.

I just got home from a physical therapy appointment and I'm marveling at how I can be so wiped out! On days I go to the therapy gym and exercise on my own, I generally workout for an hour and a half to two hours. That feels like nothing compare to the 40 minutes I just had working with my therapist. What was I doing? Small, careful movements.

The big difference, I guess, is the amount of focused attention paid to isolating some very weak muscles.

And, oh yeah...

On Sunday we had a great time up near the Cliff House in SF test-riding recumbent trikes with the wonderful folks from the Cosmic Vehicle Center (yes... that's right "Cosmic"-- did I mention we were in San Francisco?). I've been dreaming about getting back on a bike for a while and now it looks like it will be happening soon.

These things are a blast to ride! The best part, though, is that I don't have worry about my balance problems like I would on a two-wheeler. Nor do I have to look for a place to sit down and rest.

At the moment, I can't pedal very far or fast but I should be able to use one of these as a stationary exercise bike and work up my endurance. Look out trail. Here we come!


Gina said...


Debbie said...

That's so wonderful! Good Luck with the bike.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, you biking neanderthals! ( I address you in this manner because while biking I bet you guys are all covered with sweat and bugs and stuff).

I suggest when you get in the habit of riding that bike, that you also take with you a squirt gun fully loaded with water. That way when you pass people by you can squirt them and then keep riding away. When they realize what you did they will become irate and run after you, thus giving you an incentive to keep up with the pedaling. I think this is a really good idea, but don't do it right away, you've got to work up to it- you can see by now, life is a lot more fun when your subversive like me.

I'm not at all concerned about this being bad behavior. Even karma has got to have a sense of humor sometime, right?

a bikin' babe all covered with bugs



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