Friday, January 12, 2007

I think it is safe to say

The production that I have been working on recently is very dark, and strangely funny. During rehearsals, I've found myself laughing at some really sick things. Nicely done, everyone!


Gothknits said...

is that Dorothy Gale of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz nailed to a cross??!!

Gina said...

Think I can do this next year with the 8th grade?!?!?!? maybe as a MUSICAL!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know someone else besides me has figured out Jesus is a transvestite! I wonder what kind of earth-shattering marketing campaign this will result in... a sort of "what would Jesus wear?" mindset. Apparently by watching your play we all now know!

This play actually makes sense to me, as God always wanted a girl instead.

your friend in Christina,


. . . Lisa & Robb . . . said...
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. . . Lisa & Robb . . . said...

Well, Gina, considering the language I've heard coming out of the mouths of kids that age, I think the script wouldn't be a problem.....

Good eye on noticing the Ruby Slippers, Paula.

And Annalisa, I should mention that the little girl in the play who thinks she is Jesus does actually wear a little false beard, so you were right on with the cross-dressing observation.

Anonymous said...

She wears a FALSE beard! Ack!

Better not let her get aquainted with my freaky circus friends, as they frown upon ( if they have mouths ) false human parts attached to people.
Apparently the ONLY false thing that is acceptable upon women (to my friends) is big boobs.

Signed, A flat chested gal



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