Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

In the past four days, we have experienced three minor earthquakes. The one on Wednesday was so minor that I didn't even notice it. Robb was convinced that there was a cat fight going on under the bed during this morning's quake. Last night and this morning's quakes were among the very few earthquakes that we have experienced that have had sound associated with them. In both cases, there were rumblings, but the excitement was over almost as soon as they began. Generally, it is difficult to tell if what we feel around here is actually an earthquake, or just the neighbors moving the furniture around.

These recent quakes all seem to have been centered a few miles away, in the Berkeley hills. I wonder if anyone had ornaments knocked off their Christmas trees?

For a map of the recent quakes, click here.

Oddly, the very first earthquake I ever experienced was at my sister's apartment in Brooklyn, on my birthday. We were up late, talking. Her husband Neil and our dad had gone to bed, and there was a sound and sensation as if the largest truck we could imagine had just driven over a steel plate in the road. This was in October of 2001, so you can imagine that the events of September 11 were fresh in our minds. I think we were all relieved to learn, the next morning, that we had experienced an earthquake.

So how about you all? What are your earthquake stories?


Anonymous said...

In about 1967, when I was in college in Indiana....and living on the 6th floor of a dormitory, there was an earthquake in southern Illinois. I watched my bi-fold closet doors move. Others thought the boiler blew up, but I commented that the only thing that would move the top floor of our dorm with no noise was if the ground below the building moved.....and I was correct. never experienced that again....and that's just fine with me!

shiloh said...

The town I grew up in here in Arkansas was in ric country so there were crop dusters flying over all the time. This one summer morning I was sleeping in (school was out)the house shook and the windows rattled,crop duster I thought. Later in the morning I found out it was an earthquake.

shiloh said...

That's RICE country....*stupid keyboard*

MoonBunny said...

Last March... maybe the March before last? there was a minor earthquake here in North Georgia, of all places. It was very early in the morning, just before waking-up-time. All I clearly remember is my dogs going berserk and barking their fool heads off -- which is not a terribly unusual thing, but I was very irritated that they kept jumping on the bed and bouncing around. I yelled at them to get off the bed, and my husband woke up to ask me what they heck was I talking about, there were no dogs on the bed. My kids slept through the whole thing. It was only later when the news reported a 4.5 quake in the area that we realized what all the comnmotion was. Never thought I'd experience any kind of earthquake in Georgia, and I hope that will remain a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

vicki said...

In 1983 I was a sophomore in highschool and woke up early one morning to my bed shaking. I thought it was my mom trying to wake me up for school. Come to find out, it was a decent sized earthquake right here in Rochester, NY.


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