Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to All

Robb and I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and to thank you for your kindness throughout the past year. May all your days be filled with joy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gifts of your inspiring, uplifting and often humorous stories PLUS the extraordinary photos you share throughout the year!
Merry Christmas to you both.

Anonymous said...

I second what Buggylou said........and very happy holiday season to you both.

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to you both!- Hope you get to rest up and ignore the pesky world outside. We ate way too much food and stayed inside and avoided the cold rain. It was a good plan. Ate chinese food and watched the cat destroy x-mas wrapping paper.

I just received an email from a former MICA fibers instructor Valerie Dearing, she is teaching for 6 months-1 year in India. She has been teaching art in a small village close to the ocean, I believe it is one of the areas that had been hit by the tsunami 2 years ago. She says she loves it- yet the poverty is so bad it's hard to believe, and she put out a call for art supplies as her xmas gift.

She also says otherwise it is warm and flowers are everywhere and the entire school starts with 1 hour yoga sessions. She has perfected the "art" of standing on her head. Not bad for a chick pushing 50, I believe. She says hello to all creative people out there, so that includes you two as well. In addition, Allegra- print instructor at MICA thinks she is on her last year of teaching at the school.

Gary and I are doing ok and wish a MUCH EASIER NEW YEAR FOR THE BOTH OF YOU. His mother is going to fly to England at the new years to visit her relatives in Birmingham, and his brother and wife have a new place in Orlando Florida. My sister is building a cabin in Alaska, and my brother in Texas is planting trees. So everyone is busy and getting ready for the new year. Various other relatives are scattered around and are busy as well. No one has been in prison for awhile, maybe it's time I get in trouble, so we all have something interesting to talk about.

It's got to be a better and easier new year for you guys, both wiser and more "experienced". May you appreciate the good days and quickly forget the difficult ones. Heres sending good karma your way, and I'll keep up with checking your blog.

Happy holidays- Annalisa and Gary


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