Sunday, December 31, 2006

Little Green Men, and Big Grey Birds

For quite some time, Robb and I have been talking about driving out to Lodi, California to see the Sandhill Cranes that overwinter there, and to do a little bit of letterboxing. The thing that had been holding us back from this rather long road-trip was Robb's inability to sit for long periods of time. However, like so many aspects of his recovery, this has been slowly (almost imperceptibly even) improving.

We stopped for gas at the craziest convenience store we had ever seen. A space ship had crashed through its roof, and the place was swarming with aliens, exploring American fast food culture.

This fellow was guzzling milk. And where there's milk, there are bound to be cats.

Even in the parking lot of a convenience store, there are wonderful things to be found. For example, there were a number of Cedar Waxwings in the trees. I love these birds. They are so sleek and sexy.

Being interested in history, were compelled to stop in to the country's first A&W root beer stand, where we had the least nutritious lunch I can recall eating. The fact that the local the Good Ole Boys were discussing the merits of bio-diesel more than made up for the lack of vegetables on the menu.

This part of California is a major over-wintering spot for migratory waterfowl, and the birds did not disappoint. (Neither did the glorious new spotting scope that Robb gave me for Christmas.)

There were thousands of birds in the ponds.

Birds in the reeds.

And the glorious almost-ostrich-sized Sandhill Cranes.


MoonBunny said...

Lisa, just want to say how much I love your photos. I am trying to encourage my daughter's fledgling interest in bird-watching and will have to take her through your blog some time. thanks again for sharing all your photos and stories!

phynstar said...

I had a dream about aliens landing on the planet...must have been influential cosmic vibes coming from our local spacecraft full of aliens ("Rosewell or Bust").

Love those Cedar Waxes they are definitely my favorite!


Lisa and Robb said...

Cedar Waxwings are such, such beautiful birds. I love so watch their social interactions, and admire the smooth surface of their feathers.

So many "stars" today....the aliens, the majestic cranes....the day itself....

Anonymous said...

I am taking the opportunity to inform all your gentle readers about a moivie I just became aware of called "Abducted". Apparently it's made by the same guys who made "The Blair Witch" movie, and it's about a bunch of guys who take revenge upon a space alien who had abducted and possibly "probed" the humans.

I am just assuming its a movie based upon a bunch of Budweiser-swilling "good old boys" with homoerotic fears and a lack of basic hygene coming into contact with interstellar life forms. That is actually not a good look for planet Earth, diplomatically speaking.

Hm, a revenge fantasy based upon aliens is a new one to me. Hopefully your space aliens will continue to hang out in your California convenience store and hide from the more revenge fueled humans that stride across this planet. I'm one of them. But I could be puresuaded to house some Space Aliens if they paid some rent.

signed, Your Space brothers and sisters
Annalisa and Gary


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