Monday, December 11, 2006

is it driving us crazy?

This week we may, or may not, be having hand controls installed in our car.

A few months ago, Robb had driving evaluation and it was decided that he should have a control bar installed in the car to operate the throttle and brake. After waiting for the controls to be prescribed, evaluated, ordered and authorized, and replacing our car that inconveniently was smashed, today we finally got a call to schedule the installation.

Arranging schedules and transportation was like one of those logic puzzles where you have to ferry across a river with a seemingly incompatible passengers and cargo. It took about six or seven phone calls, but finally everything was arranged.

Only one or two nagging questions remained: What was this we heard about installing (and then removing) an "instructor's brake" on the passenger side and why should a simple, mechanical hand control device be called a "MPS Nano-Controller?" Turns out, the shop doing the work may have been directed to order and install the wrong parts.

Robb has already trained on adaptive driving gear, and his instructors do not believe that he needs to continue working with an instructor's brake. I am quite certain that we do not need a big hole drilled in our brand-new car. As for the Nano-Controller, it seems that this may be the kind of equipment that quadriplegic drivers use.

We don't know for sure yet, but it seems likely we'll be waiting a little while longer before Robb is driving again.

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Anonymous said...

Thats actually good news - put off the road rage as long as you can!

Annalisa and Gary


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