Thursday, November 02, 2006

walk a mile in his shoes

How are Robb's feet? In an attempt to dispel a horribly bleak mood, I re-read the first three months of this blog, and was struck by how much description I devoted to the sensation and capabilities of Robb's feet in those first few months.

There are two different things at work in Robb's condition, his lack of motor control, and his lack of sensation. Interestingly, the two are not completely synched up. There are parts of his body that he can feel, but can't move, and vice versa.

Robb still does not have the muscular control to support his weight on the front of his feet. However, Robb has been able to "feel the bones" inside his feet for a while.

Lately, he says he can feel more of the skin on his feet (although not all parts of the feet). He says that feels fairly normal inside of his shoes, but that when he walks without shoes, it feels weird and oooky and pins-and-needlesey.

Assuming I'm not having one of my rare bleak black moods, I insist on finding the positive about every situation. So, I'll point out that, in Robb's case, the return of sensation in any part of his body is preceded by all sorts of ooky jangly sensations.

Feeling bad may in fact turn out to be a good thing.

(Like that photo? That's from the Musee Mechanique.)

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shiloh said...

Feeling bad is better than not feeling at all, up to a point of course.


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