Sunday, November 12, 2006

To clarify a few things from the previous posting.....

Robb isn't so much sore in a muscular way. Anytime he does a lot of exercise, his nerve cells are irritated. I discussed this previously in this post. I suspect that the direct-gear bike was to blame. The fact that Robb was cramming nine months of missed cycling fun into one morning probably didn't help matters, either. I'm not certain if this neural irritation is "bad" for Robb's recovery, or if it is just terribly uncomfortable and annoying.

This is very similar to the tandem cycle we were riding. I think the model we were using had a different configuration for the back rider's foot pedals. I remember the chain as being inline with the frame, not raised like it is in this photograph.

Here's a funny thing. Each of us thought that the other rider had another wheel than they, in fact, did. I thought that Robb had one more wheel in front, and he thought that I had two wheels in the back. So, we were riding a trike, after all!

And, here is some knitting. This is a gift for Robb's nurse case manager, Linda. It has been done for a while, but I haven't manged to get off my butt and mail it. Sigh.


shiloh said...

Thanks for the photo of the trike.After reading the earlier post I spent about two hours looking through websites of tandem/quad/recumbent cycles. There are some interesting designs.


Kim said...

hope you are more comfortable today!

Why would they provide a bike with that type of gearing?
When i haven't ridden my bike for a while, i have to resort to the granny gears to get up hills, so i can imagine the effort you had to use.


knitica said...

Lisa--I'm so glad to see you feel up to knitting again! That really says a lot for your part in this recovery. And of course, Robb, it must have felt great to cycle again!


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