Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Much Happier

Niobe, our very popular white kitty, is feeling considerably better, if her non-stop purring is any indicator. I imagine that having a smelly, rotten tooth removed from one's mouth would make anyone happy.

The kidney issues are trickier. We'll be adjusting her diet, but the efficacy of this approach is debatable. I can report that all the cats are ecstatic about the change to wet food.

The blog will return to reporting on the conditions of bipeds shortly!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it would work with the diet, but the Meow Mix wet food packets are big hits in my house. My kitties like their dry food and tend to snub canned wet food, but when they get this as a treat they go crazy for it!


Lisa and Robb said...

Your cats snub wet food?????? Oh my goodness that's not a problem in out house. The mere *sound* of a cat food can opening induces a frantic kitty-frenzy.

Music Woman said...

My cat could not get enough of wet food..... she would hate to eat the dry food....

I used to feed my (now five year old) cat one pouch of dry food a day, until her breath got so bad that I couldn't take it anymore. When I went to the vet last year, they told me to try and ween (sp?)her off of the wet food to an oral care dry food.

Bad breath gone! And she no longer has dandruff, and is actually healthier! It is also great so when I go away for the weekend, I just leave extra out, and she's stays fed without people coming to visit.


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