Wednesday, November 22, 2006

it's going swimmingly

Ever since my stay in the hospital, Lisa and I have had a pact: someday we would return to Kauai (the Hawaiian island where we spent our anniversary last year) and go snorkeling again. Well, today I took the first step toward realizing this promise — I went swimming.

This evening, on the one year anniversary of the last time I swam in a body of water, Lisa and I went down to the community pool at Berkeley High and splashed around for about an hour. I don't think I can adequately describe just how strange it felt to be buoyant and surrounded by water once again.

At first the sensation was almost too much to bear. I almost never walk without shoes these days because the stimulation of the parts of my feet I can feel right next to the parts I can't, creates an unpleasantly intense experience. Getting into the water for the first time was kind of like that.

Eventually, though, I was able to adjust and get comfortable. It helped that the pool is kept at about 93ºF. I even did some swimming. I tried out different strokes and, while kicking was a bit of a challenge, I managed to move myself along at a respectable pace.

I'll be asking my physical therapist for some aquatic exercises to do next time and we'll be going back to the pool very soon. Then all I have to do is work on my air travel skills for that return to Kauai.


Lock Wench said...

HOW WONDERFUL! I love to read your blog just to see how many new ( and revisited) experiences you have tackled recently. And you keep me humble, as you keep pushing on and testing yourself over and over. A true inspiration for lazy people like me.

Great pics too! Someday I need to drop in and force you two to bring out all your photo albums....and we'll laugh over all the ones of Lisa in crazy socks...

Smooches and pinches to both of you this Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I answered that first email from a tweaked boxer who had discovered Moss Island for the first time. *wink*'

Happy Holidays!
Lock Wenchie

JulieFrick said...

What beautiful photos. Best of luck for the continued journey of rediscovery.

Eclipse said...

Swimming is such a fantastic activity. I've recently returned to it as a twice-weekly form of exercise in addition to my regular gym workouts, and I'm really happy to be back at it. For me with my bone problems it's a great exercise, low impact and low resistance, but still gets the heart rate going and the muscles warm. I think this is a great idea for you and I hope you keep at it! It's so therapeutic and I think you'll get a lot out of it.

Happy holidays! Hope you had some great eats; lets go out for dinner sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

I haven't checked in to the blog recently, but today I decided to see what you were up too.


You have been busy!

Now, I think we all need to go with you when you return to Kauai. I promise to give you plenty of couple time and I'll go search out a hunky Hawaiian surfer.


mimulus said...

wow,k I agree you have been busy...i hope the swimming thing gets even better and that you will be off to Hawaii someday soon. those photos are gorgeous.


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