Thursday, November 09, 2006

Go Robb, Go!

Warning! Body Function Discussion Follows!

If you've come for cute kitties,
you can tune out now!

Although we have not discussed it much on the blog, one of the issues Robb is dealing with as a result of his spinal cord injury relates to his bladder. This part of the recovery has been quite a challenge, particularly as urologists who accept Worker's Compensation Insurance are a rare group.

If the truth be told, Robb's condition is not as dire as it could have been. Had his injury been a tiny bit lower on his spinal cord, he would have lost bladder and bowel control completely.

As it is, he has to monitor his condition very carefully, because it poses a very serious health risk.

Robb finally was seen for a battery of urological tests last week. (FINALLY!!!! It has been NINE MONTHS since the accident!!!) The tests indicate that the parts are all capable of functioning within normal parameters.

But this doesn't explain why Robb goes to the bathroom between seventeen and twenty times during the day. Or why he only has the briefest advanced warnings of what the doctors refer to as "urge."

As far as frequency is concerned, the current thinking relates to the fact that Robb's bladder is one-quarter its normal size. The doctors believe that Robb's muscles are in such a state of spasticity (extreme rigidity) that they have compressed Robb's bladder to its present size.

Robb has just started on a new type of medication, which will hopefully address this issue. Three hours after taking the first dose, he was already noticing a side effect (in his case, dry eyes). So, hopefully, the positive effects of these drugs will be forthcoming.

Maybe soon, Robb can resume a life that does not tether him so closely to the bathroom!


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Urgency incontinence. I know it well after being mis-diagonsed and almost losing bladder function altogether about four years ago. I'm glad Robb is getting help. It's one of those quality of life things that really gets annoying after a while.

Judith & Sparky

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Cottontails thinks that maybe Robb is pregnant because that is about how often she has to go.

The Cottontails


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