Friday, October 13, 2006

why I love the internet

As Robb and I no longer get up at the same time, I have taken to eating breakfast with the internet.

I'm not being an efficient multi tasker who is solving all the world's problems while planning nutritious meals for the next week. Nope. I'm tossing the ever-loving, ever-curious cats off the computer keyboard and am generating the mental equivalent of white noise. In other words, I'm waking up.

But I do manage to stumble on some wonderful things, from time to time.

Here is an artist/engineer who created an arcade simulator game where the player assumes the role of an infirm person, trying to cross a busy street. Brilliant.

If I understand this device correctly, a little diorama spins around, and the player walks on a treadmill, watching the dirama on a video screen. The player tries to avoid being run over, but if they get into trouble, there are "stock" videos of the mayhem that ensues.

I suspect that Robb would be very good at this game. He has lots of practice crossing busy roads while walking zero miles an hour.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That rescue guy on the left scares me. He has only one arm, is tilting to the right, and it looks like his pants are on backwards.
-Rose in Ohio


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