Tuesday, October 17, 2006

scary home haircuts as physical therapy

Robb has been needing a haircut. On Monday, we made plans for him to take the bus into Berkeley, get his hair cut, and meet me when I got off work from the theater.

Public transportation had other plans, however. While he was standing at the bus stop, not one, but two, buses drove past Robb without stopping. Robb manages to keep his sense of humor about this sort of thing, and gleefully recounted how he got to do his "best old man act: hobbling after the bus, and waving my cane angrily in the air."

I was chatting with some friends tonight, and told them that I was going to have to leave to the conversation because I had promised to give Robb a haircut, and needed to go find the perfect bowl.

Kelli immediately replied, "Nuuu not the bowl!!! Get up and RUN Robb!!!!

And I thought, if only it were that simple? What if proper motivation was all that was holding Robb back from being able to run?

(With all the cat hair that gets produced at this house, I have long been threatening to get a Flowbee for Niobe.)


shiloh said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures. :)

The Flowbee would be kinder than a bowl though. :)


Music Woman said...

You're not going to believe this, but... .my aunt has one of those flowbee things!!!!! (Or at least she did....) She bought it for my uncle's hair! I'd never let her use it on me though!

Anonymous said...

I've tried the suck-cut, its a peice of crap.
This is what really works.

Applying duct tape to the human skull and then pulling it off is a way to remove hair. I didn't say it was a good way to do it, but it works. Only try this after a night of very heavy drinking.

signed, (burp) a presently bald Annalisa

cam said...

I had a friend who used a flobee on her rabbits.... used the fur to spin into yarn... made a fortune... i always felt so bad for the rabbits though..

i could threaten to cook robb something to eat.. that'd scare him right into a 4 minute mile!

Anonymous said...

Flowbee for Niobe!!!!!

You're poet and didn't know it!

(O.K., you can kill me now - WITH a Flowbee if you'd like)


phyto said...

oh geez, you ought to spin that fur and knit it!

we have three furballs and yes, we are constantly grooming them...spoiled rotten they are :)

Lock Wench said...

After college I worked for a major swimming pool and spa distributor/retailer. We were always warning people about letting their heads get too close to intake valves and the like, as those early intake designs could suck your hair in and rip it from your scalp. After some serious lawsuits, these intakes got re-designed to eliminate this danger.

So imagine my surprise when the Flowbee was then marketed! One man's lawsuit is another man's retirement.....

Ish said...

During my welfare mom years, with three boys and their father all needing haircuts, we bought a flowbee. Damned if it didn't do the job for a good 5 years until we got on our feet and in a place where a trip to the barber didn't mean going hungry that night!

While the kids are young, anyhow, what do they care about 'style'? They were neat, and groomed, and nobody had to make jokes about Mom leaving bald spots.


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