Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fever Heat, Blood Heat

Robb is still not feeling better. We managed to get a doctor's appointment, but the fact that the lab hadn't even started working on the tests that Robb had done two days ago made the doctor's answers somewhat inconclusive.

I hope that Robb is going to be able to sleep. Things have not been going well, and he was awake most of the night. He woke me around 5am, because whilst powdering his nose, he had almost fainted. You can imagine that was pretty upsetting for both of us.

In any case, Robb is now taking an antibiotic, and hopefully the tests will show that it is the correct antibiotic for this current infection.


jackbear said...

oh wow, our thoughts are will you two...

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa-

I know that a fever is the body's response to an illness, it tries to burn off the sickness from within. Hopefully the antibiotics will help dramatically, I'm sorry you guys got hit with yet another health problem.

Is Robb doing bedrest at home or in the hospital? I'm wondering if the Docs need to monitor his overall spinal condition as he has this fever, or is it unrelated to his back?

Thinking good thoughts for you two-

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

PS- We can send you guys some snow to cool off Robb's fever if you want. It got down to 30 degrees yesterday and we have two days worth of blowing winds and thick snow. At least it didn't stay on the ground here for too long. You guys can come and roll around in it if you want. When the fever is gone, bring up Robb's body armor and use it for downhill sledding.


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love and healing, cooling thoughts your way. . . .There's a blustery wind in b-more at the moment and I'll do my best to encourage it across the country to waft across your heated brows. . .

In the meantime:

hydration hydration hydration!

Love you two,



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