Sunday, September 10, 2006


As Robb mentioned earlier, he met with a vocational rehabilitation counselor on Friday. Although the "reforms" of the California Workers' Compensation system no longer allow for job re-training, our insurance company is providing this service, anyway.

Prior to the accident, Robb worked as an actor, and in between acting jobs, he worked designing, building and painting theatrical scenery. Clearly, this kind of physical work is not what Robb will be doing anytime in the future. You need a lot of strength, stamina and endurance for this sort of work.

Robb took a battery of tests, to assess all manner of skills. I have always known Robb to be something of a savant when it comes to proof reading (although we differ on writing style), and now this ability is officially documented. In addition, the counselor told Robb that in the twenty five years of giving these tests, he has never seen anyone score as well as Robb did on the abstract reasoning test.

So, now that Robb has been declared to be clever, it is a matter of determining what sort of job might best suit his skills and disposition. Up to this point, Robb has worked in the world of not-for-profit arts orgainzations, either as an artist, or administrator. What we want to know is what else he may be suited to do, in this job market, and this part of the country.

Immediately following this appointment, Robb took a cab to his physical therapists, and for the first time, they strapped him into a weight-bearing harness, and had him walk on a treadmill. This was the first time Robb walked at what they call "community speed," which as far as I can tell means "not getting run over in crosswalks speed." He took loads of breaks, but was only able to manage eleven minutes of this particular task. (Robb takes exception at my use of the phrase "only eleven minutes," and says that he thinks eleven minutes is pretty good. Fair enough.)

Robb also worked with trekking poles, which are sort of like ski poles for hikers. The gym version had little rubber sneakers on the points, which I find very whimsical. Walking with the poles (as opposed to a single cane) allowed Robb to take longer steps and alter the way he balances his stride.

By the time I got home that evening, Robb was totally exhausted. He had done a lot of work.


Anonymous said...

Robb you deserve a good rest and an extra scope of ice cream. Well done my friend.
Frank and Kate your,

Anonymous said...

Scoop not scope dummy. Yes, dear!

"Bad spellers of the world, untie!"

Frank and Kate your,


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