Thursday, September 21, 2006

thanks, y'all!

I want to thank everyone who emailed, left comments on the blog, and telephoned.

I was, indeed, very sore the day after the accident, but I think I'll be back to normal in a day or two. Strangely, in addition to a very sore neck, I've also had relapse of last week's sore throat.

Most of my day was spent napping, thanks to the pain killers. In fact, Robb was more active than I was today.


Anonymous said...

Didn't see your entry from yesterday until today, (yes, she's a day late and a dollar short once again...)-- and perusing the entries, it seems we all have a hit and run story (Luckily I wasn't in my car when it was totalled by a hit and run driver in front of our home in SF a few years ago. Our "uninsured motorist coverage" did not cover it as we could not prove the hit and run driver was uninsured. Thank you Allstate!).

Thank goodness for ice packs and pain killers and let's hope your recovery is fast and uneventful. We'll be thinking of you Lisa!

Anna and the kids

Anonymous said...

Awwww... LISA!!! Sorry I missed your note yesterday. OUCH! Wish I could make you a nice cup of tea. I really hate it when people are not only careless, but irrisponsible too. Take it easy and don't rush getting back to stuff...take a page out of Robb's book, okay?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey there Lisa-

I have just recovered from a week's worth of horrible flu, it was too crummy to be just a cold- it was also a virus that I thought had cleared up, but it came back for another "visit". I suggest lots of bedrest, it takes about a week to clear up- just sleep and relax and let Robb do what he does best- look after you, and provide beer for extra relaxation. Consider it medicinal "treatment".

By the way, it's full-on tornado season here in the midwest, and several people here are experiencing unexpected rides in spinning cars as well. Instead of listing "act of god", you can put "act of $#@!%" on your insurance form.

Also, the hurricane 2 weeks ago left a foot of rain in the basements of most people in Virginia, right by the coastline. Wasn't your family in Bethesda before? I think Bethesda got hit with quite a bit of rain at that time as well.

PS- I was also hit by a hit and run driver in Baltimore years ago, but I was on my bike when it happened, and had a bad concussion to deal with. I woke up in Johns Hopkins emergency room clutching a $20 bill to my head, some guy saw me get hit, scooped me up and took me to the hospital room, and gave me a $20 for a cab ride home. Not all people are %$#@!- there are nice ones out there as well.

- Annalisa

5:18 AM


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