Friday, September 29, 2006


fallingChairs, originally uploaded by DavidHerd.

Stand up.

Okay, now sit down again.

Now think about it.

How did you do that? What muscles did you use, and in what order? Now, consider this. If you couldn't feel or control the muscles in the backs of your legs, how would you manage it? What if you couldn't feel your feet or backside, and if your balance was terrible?

The other night at dinner, Robb and I were talking about how he no longer needs me to help him by pushing in or pulling out his chair. Unless he is very, very, very tired he can get off the couch without assistance.

This is such a huge improvement over how things were when he first came home. At that time, Robb was just learning how to manage with his new levels of ability. He had to break simple activities down into "bite sized pieces." He never did anything as simple as "sitting down" or "standing up." No. He had to learn what the therapists called the sit-to-stand transfer.

There are plenty of days when things seem really difficult, and it is easy to become demoralized. But then I remind myself about simple things like mastering the art of standing and sitting, and I realize that we'll figure this out, one little bit at a time.


knitica said...

Not only does it help you guys, but it really helps all of us who are so far away when you spell out the improvements and progress like this. Thanks! It gives us a better idea of how Robb really is way out there!

Anonymous said...

All the little things you do every day and you don't realize the actual effort that goes into every one... I never actually thought about sitting and standing until now.

I am truly amazed at Robb's progress and I pray things continue to go very quickly indeed.

Knit Wit

mimulus said...

keep on keeping on!

Ziska said...

I love the robotic chair(:-)))))))


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