Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hit and Run

I am one sore girl! Today, while running some errands for work, I was the unfortunate participant in a hit-and-run accident. My car was almost hit by a woman who ran through a stop sign. I remember noticing the huge smash on her front bumper and thinking "what a terrible driver." I had not even gone halfway down the block (and was driving very slowly behind a very slow semi trailer) when this same driver drove at full speed into the back of my car. She failed to hit me once, but apparently was no quitter, and got the job done on the second try.

I was slammed around pretty well, hit my head on the rear view mirror and lost my footing on the brake pedal, but I managed to not hit the truck in in front of me, or the car directly to my right. I pulled out of traffic, and the woman stopped next to me and said, "Your car is all right." (It wasn't -- the bumper had been smashed so hard that it melted onto my rear tire. At least one of the doors isn't closing properly.)

"That's great," I said, "but I need to get your insurance information."

And while I was looking down, pulling the paper work out of the glove box, and dialing Robb on the mobile phone, this woman took the opportunity to drive away. It all happened so fast that I did not take note of her licence plate, or even the exact make of her car. It never even occurred to me that she would leave the scene of the accident, and that I ought to have been on guard.

The police, who arrived more than a hour later, were singularly unimpressed. It seems this happens all the time around here. I feel like a bit of a chump, but at least I'm all right.

Once again, I got to see how wonderful the people in my life are. My co-worker Amanda left work (the accident was about two and a half blocks from work) and hung out with me the whole time. The shop isn't in the nicest part of town, so I really appreciated this.

Tonight, I went to the "minor injury clinic" which is a part of my health plan's emergency room. I am told that while I think I'm sore tonight, I'm going to be really hurting tomorrow. I was in the hospital for about two and a half hours, which isn't bad, all things considered. It seems fitting that while I was waiting to be seen, I reached the half-way point of the gift I'm making for Linda, Robb's former nurse case manager. Linda sat with us in so many hospital waiting rooms. It was almost weird not having her there.

Not to be a total whiner about this, but I want to say that I'm a bit tired of being the poster child for the importance of carrying plenty of insurance. I'm tired of experiencing the lesson of "you just never know what life is going to throw at you." Enough, already!

But on a cheerier driving note...

There was a cancellation, and Robb is now scheduled for a behind the wheel driving evaluation and training session on Friday.


shiloh said...

Hey Lisa, I'm right there with ya.

I was rear-ended by a young driver once and he gave me this big sob story about not wanting his insurance to go up so he would pay for the damage himself. Yeah, I fell for it and no he never paid. I did get his DL# and turned it over to my insurance but they said with no police report there was nothing they could do.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're okay Lisa. It's certainly a blow to one's optomistic view that everyone else isn't as nice as we are.

I follow advice I heard: keep a disposable camera in the car and take pictures from all angles as soon as you get out. Actually...I need to check to see if my camera is still in mine. I tend to take it out when letterboxing and sometimes forget to put in back in!

ericaflory said...

I was rear ended by a hit & run when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I drove after the other car to no avail. a minivan just can't keep up on back roads with a hot rod. luckily all was well with me & the baby. I'm glad you are ok too!

Lock Wench said...

I'm speechless. And you KNOW that's a big deal.


*taking out more novena candles for tonight*

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa. I'm glad you're OK. Don't know if you go to a chiropractor or not, but whiplash can occur with even the slowest speed collision. I'm still dealing with whiplash injury from being rearended twenty years ago.

They're right. You will feel sorer later. Cold packs are your friend!

Take care,
Knit Wit

Anonymous said...

You and Robb are going to have to meet Desi and Darren here in the SE. There for awhile it seemed like they couldn't go out the door without getting hurt. Good thoughts are headed your way.

Judith & Sparky

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa and Robb-

You can always move back to Baltimore, you know...

This streak of bad luck is becoming ridiculous. But we have driving morons all over the usa, so you might just be a conduit for crappy luck where ever you are for this year, just grit your teeth and get thru it as best as you can.

I truely hate hit and run drivers- just wait till karma catches up with that bitch, it'll be sweet.

Be glad this wasn't a worse accident, and no serious injury was done to you. Maybe you can try wearing more of Robb's medical equipment, in case you start to get stiff or something.

signed, Annalisa
(who has no problem personally dispensing revenge as a karmic-cleanser)

Eclipse said...

Aw jeez. I'm so sorry this happened to you. :( But I'm glad you're ok. Hopefully you won't be too sore; I hope you're feeling better soon, and may the bad luck end now!

Cassie said...

My brother and his wife and 3 young children were hit and the driver took off. Unfortunately for him his license plate fell off of his car and they were able to track him down. Not to mention my brother is a 3rd year law student and they were right in front of the law firm he interns for.

I had an accident and it was the other person's fault. They wanted to pay for the damage themselves and I said fine but you will have to pay my insurance company. I went through them, paid my deductible and when the other driver paid them they refunded my deductible.

I'm so sorry you've both had so much trouble. I'll say an extra prayer.

Gramatrick said...

So glad you're okay, and hope that you don't feel too bad today either. Like many others, we were victimized by an uninsured driver, so I know what a hassle that can be.

I think Annalisa's idea of a Karmic-cleanser deserves further study. However, let's take it one step further and open up a smoothie franchise selling razz-a-ma-tazz smoothies with a giant Karmic boost!

Finally, I am hoping that whatever mirror you broke has exacted its final revenge and things will return to a more normal way of being.

It is the ups and downs that make life interesting. . .


Anonymous said...

I'll totally understand if you chop down the lucky bamboo I sent.

Anonymous said...

So, write down the details of the accident.......and be on the lookout...since you mentally made a note of her car. THEN, if you see the heifer again, follow her sorry behind and get a tag number and nail her for leaving the scene of an accident!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Robb-

I swear, sometimes I could kick myself for not having a camera mounted to the dashboard of my car all the time. In your case, you might need it on both front and back- that would be sweet. I actually did have a camera on the front dashboard to record all the diving lunacy that occured in my first weeks here.

I had to record to to believe it was real. I just might have to send in some of that video to youtube, eh?

Annalisa ( In Detroit- where asinine driving is the official bloodsport of the state.)


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