Sunday, September 10, 2006

...and play


On Saturday, we tossed the new wheelchair in the car and headed out to Lake Temescal, a local park that we had never visited before. The staff at the park advised us that the paved path only extended halfway around the lake, and that there were stairs. But we were feeling stubborn and unwilling to accept limitations, and besides, this new wheelchair was supposed to be enable Robb to travel on trails. We circumnavigate the entire lake. Of course the joggers probably got tired of passing us, but that's too bad for them!

Although it was an overcast day, lots of people were out enjoying themselves.

The ducks were chomping on duckweed.

A Black Crowned Night Heron was showing off his lovely toes. (I adore these big birds. They look like grumpy footballs.)

The autumn influx of gigantic spiders was underway. I think these are a variety of Orb Weaver or Cross Spiders. (See the cross on their backs?) They were apparently an introduced species from Europe. The bodies of these spiders (not counting the legs) are almost an inch long. They're BIG!

I imagine these huge varmints are here year-round, but we see loads of them at the end of summer.

The spiders were mostly living in the blackberry bushes.

And we enjoyed a few berries, ourselves.

We wondered about some of the other berries.

As well as the plants. Is this the California Q-Tip plant? I'm shamefully bad at California plant identification.

But it turns out that we are pretty good at riding on trails. I still need to perfect the technique for dragging the wheelchair up a flight of stairs. All in all, it was a yummy outing!


Anonymous said...

I am continually amused and uplifted by your commentaries on life. Smiles are good things!

Anonymous said...

Ah, "clever".
I always how to categorize Robb's many talents!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the berries looked yummy. Keep smiling.
Thanks for sharing.
Rumford Teapot

Anonymous said...

When out photographing in nature, dont use the 3 leaf special to wipe with, and be careful which berries you eat. - these are mistakes I have both made in my life...sigh.


Anonymous said...

I'm re-reading the blog-

I think it is entirely possible to make raspberry flavored beer. It might make a good future project for you guys. I'm vastly ignorant about making beer, my family's speciality being dandylion wine and collecting piles of crap to trip over.

My question to you is- Can you make beer anytime, or is it a seasonal activity?



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