Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where's Robb?

Loyal blog readers have undoubtedly noticed that the frequency of postings to the blog has slowed down considerably.

We're fine, but we're very, very busy. There is lots to report, but I haven't had enough time to collect my thoughts.

Robb's parents just left, after a lovely visit. And did we ever show them California! Shorelines! Sunshine! Food! Architecture! Their Very Own Earthquake!!!!

Right now, our pal Gina is visiting. We're heading off to wine country later this morning. We'll see how slow-walking winery tours work out. (Not to mention a fairly long car ride...) We'll be meeting up with Sten and Rebecca, which promises to be a lot of fun. Here's a photo from the restaurant last night.

The other thing that is keeping me occupied to trying to get Berkeley Repertory Theatre's new scenic studios in shape. I've been painting walls and floors for weeks and weeks. Am I a little sick of it all? Maybe. But the new shop is going to be so glorious, that I'm literally skipping with anticipatory glee.

And, as if that wasn't a happy enough thought, I've been given a garden. I have been a frustrated gardener since I moved to California. My building has a beautiful garden, but the neighbors who tend it don't seem to need any help. Since I'm no longer spending my summers on the East Coast, I've lost my farmhouse garden. But a chat with the new scenic studios landlord resulted in him turning this over to me:

Looks like a horrible junk-filled tangle, doesn't it?

I couldn't be more excited!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Garden Gal!

The garden space looks great! Dig thru and don't throw out ANYTHING that is there till you decide what it is you want to do to the site- old boards are pretty good to have when you want to line a garden, or build a raised bed. Broken concrete is good for lining an area with as well, old fencing good for a trellis. I'm a cheap person, and its easy to adapt items to a new use after awhile.

I'm going to send you some seeds, but is it a problem to send stuff to California? Isn't there some sort of restriction on agricuyltural stuff in your state? but who cares, right? isnt your growing season like 12 months long? Congratulations! Glad to hear you guys are doing ok- Try growing some gourds, I really got into them last year, gourds and sunflowers and tomatoes both thrive in extremely crummy, abandoned soil.

- Annalisa and Gary

Peace and Balance said...

Looks like you got your work cut out for you but gardening is thereputic. Is Robb gonna be able to help on this



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