Monday, August 14, 2006

the ups and downs of recovery

Some time ago, I asked Robb's neurosurgeon to describe, visually, the path of Robb's recovery. Would it be a long, steady slope? Would it be like a staircase, with plateaus followed by big steps up?

He said that it would be more like an oscillating wave, with improvements and setbacks.

It seems that we are in one of the down turn parts of the wave. Robb's energy is very low, lately. He is experiencing back pain, which he almost never does. Robb is dragging.

Luckily, we were prepared for this, and are not despairing.


Celtic Quinn said...

As you shouldn't.
Have yourselves a cup of tea with lots of sugar, and think of me- I'll be doing the same for you. :D

Derek said...

To be honest, the two of you have been amazing. I think the wave analogy is appropriate because I think the lows are necessary for the highs. I know you will get through this, and I know you will embrace the crest of each wave as well. That's what makes Robb's recovery so remarkable. There are no two people who relish blessing more than you two. You take nothing for granted. You find joy in the things most people ignore. I suppose this quality makes the low energy moments pretty tough.

I am sorry Robb is feeling this way, and I am sorry for the pain. Maybe when you live so close to life you feel these things sooner than if you lived removed from things. All I know is that you are both inspirational. You will live through this.


Anonymous said...

Take your camera and go photograph something amazing... it will cheer both of you on. And know that there are a ton of people pulling for you out here!


Robin Vest said...

Lisa and Robb, I'm so sorry to hear about this late. Happy birthday Robb! And I'm sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are on doing well the road to recovery. My new email is:

Keep me posted on things!

Lock Wench said...

Hmm, methinks a package is in order. But is there anything as inspirational as a rubber chicken pushing out a HUGE egg? I'll have to ruminate on this one a bit....

Hang in there, Robb!


Anonymous said...

Hm, since this has been described as "the ups and downs of an ongoing recovery" it sounds to me like Robb is on his very own personal ragbrai through a hilly region of an unknown landscape (wow- poetic.)

Maybe he should start wearing some brightly-colored spandex clothing, or a bike helmet all the time- celebrate the weirdness for as long as you can. Consider the spandex as a type of battle armor, just please dont start wearing spandex speedos when you guys go to the beach- and if you do, please don't post a picture of it.

- Annalisa


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