Sunday, August 06, 2006

that's wine, not whine...

We're still in the midst of a whirlwind of visitors, so any deep reflections on life or Robb's condition will have to wait.

What I will say is that Robb seems to be better at anticpiating his energy levels (which fluctuate on a daily basis), and so we able to better plan our activities.

Saturday morning, Gina went out for breakfast with some friends, and then we bought the makings of a picnic at the Lake Merritt Farmers' Market.

We drove up to Sonoma to meet up with Sten and Rebecca. The weather was glorious.

Robb was hungry, and needed to sit down, so he skipped the wine-tasting, and instead set up our beautiful picnic lunch. Somehow we managed to forget to pack a knife, but if the past six months have taught us anything, it is to use what you've got, and to adapt. We ate like Lusty Peasant Folk.

Gina tried to figure out a business plan for creating a holistic healing academy of mime, which would allow her to live in a tree house in Sonona County, and entertain all her friends.

She's got the entertaining part all figured out.

Surely the other details will all into place, shortly.

I tried to figure out why a winery might protecting its vines with cardboard boxes.

We had hoped to get together with Ashley when we returned, but Robb had completely run out of energy, and I think that we weren't far behind him. I did not carve Ashley's name in the picnic table, however the magnolia pod did cause my face to itch. All those tiny hairs....


Music Woman said...

Oh man! Do I miss wine country! I was in Napa about five years ago and LOVED it! My wish would be to retire in Napa and work at a winery! I'm jealous that you live so close!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Lisa and Robb- You guys sure get around a lot for having a back problem! Seems to me that the only people with a problem about the back are weird people on the buse who don't give Robb a seat!

The cardboard boxes protect the bottom of the grape vines from being nibbled upon by bunnies, and any other local animal life that needs to gnaw on plant life to get mositure. It also protects them from mineature space aliens looking to crawl into grape vines to hide from earthlings. I'm suprised you didnt know this already, being the agricultural gal that you are.

Catch you later- Annalisa and Gary


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