Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So....what's Robb really like, deep down inside?

Our insurance company, sick of dealing with the incompetant record-losing staff at Highland Hospital, had Robb go to a new hospital for this CT scan. This time, instead of having the radiology records disappear into the void, we actually got copies of the scan on a compact disk.

Robbb says that he "feels" the instrumentation much lower on his back than where it is actually located.

I'm impressed at how well the curve of Robb's spine had been maintained, but am still rather freaked out at how crumpled looking the bone is.

And the hardware....well, I never get used to how large it is. I can look at any number of xrays and scans, but I still can't quite wrap my brain around where exactly the hardware is in relationship to what I see when I look at the skin on Robb's back.


Lock Wench said...

Oh thank god! When I saw this post I was afraid it was time for you to share Robb's recent colonoscopy!

Just kidding. I actually really appreciate you sharing all the medical info with us. It's been so informative and has helped me look at disability accidents in an entirely different way. I am also grateful and amazed by your brutal honesty regarding your feelings throughout this ordeal. I think your blog should become required reading for everyone who has become injured and is facing longterm recovery.

Thank you both. -for the blog, and for skipping the colonoscopy results ;) -


Celtic Quinn said...

Like LW, I saw the title of this post, and thought "Hmmm, squishy, slimey, some gray, some pink, and your occasional splurt of blood, just like everybody else, right?"

Interesting scans!
Tell Robb I said hey again.


Anonymous said...

Hm, those x-rays would make really striking photo etchings...with a nice general aquatint for the light grey areas. Hm, aesthetics give life a new and interesting dimension, eh?

Robb could consider a second career with homeland security. Tell Robb to "screw" with people at the airport when they "wand" him in security, he can tell them he is simply just testing their equipment. He could also freak them out by suddenly screaming- "code orange, no, green, no yellow!" How does a color blind person know what is an "elevated alert day", anyway?

I agree with the posting by lock wench, as much as I can agree with someone whose name sounds like a porno/hair character- What's UP with that name? I agree this blog should be turned into a book or a web site that is reccommended reading for people who are going through the same thing you guys have experienced.

Many, Many, MANY people will relate to the medical records being lost and raging about it. It's a good thing I didnt have a fake leg at the time it happened to me or I would have struck the hospital staff with it. All I did was spew venom and evil thoughts, which did nothing good for me.

For a birthday activity, when Robb gets bored, tell him to take the x-rays and use some colored markers to jazz them up. After coloring, hanging them in your window is a nice aspect of anatomical interior decorating, a realm that is severely under-represented in our society. You're artists, for GOd's sake! People EXPECT you guys to do that!

On a different note, I also can assure you that I have studied these uncolored x-rays in detail, and can not discern even the smallest Space Alien implant. So rest assured on that issue, in case it was something that was worrying you. I still think that tree fell down cause it was targeted by an alien spacecraft destructo-ray. I hate when that happens. Everytime I call up AAA to complain about why THAT is the reason my car won't start, I never get any answer other than nervous laughter. So I KNOW I'm onto something!

Some of this posting is for real, and some is designed to give you guys a laugh. I'm not telling which.

Happy Birthday Robb! You are doing really great! - Give Lisa a big hug for us who are languishing here in the mid-west!

- greetings- Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

I have loved your back from the moment I saw it in August 1964. I love it now even with all the hardware attached.
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robb,

Lisa you are right. My wife says Robb does have a cute butt, a little thin but cute.

Michael Jordan said...

Geez, they seem to give everybody a copy of their injuries on CD except for me. I never got to see what my bones looked like before they patched me up.

Anywho, since we're on the subject of pictures, I was asked to relay these pictures to you.

Eclipse said...

I have a bunch of hardware inside my left ankle, and it also feels differently to me internally than it does when touching the skin or via xray. It's hard to understand how the body interprets the feeling of something "inside" since most of our tactile experiences are with the things we can touch with our skin. I do, though, always find it fascinating to see what it really looks like via xray/scan! I have often daydreamed about getting copies of every xray I've ever had - enough probably to fill several cds. Wouldn't it make awesome collage art though?

It looks like Robb's doing really well and coming along nicely. Congratulations and keep it up!


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