Monday, August 21, 2006


I think casual readers of the blog might get the impression that our life is one big hiking and sailing adventure. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Robb has very limited stamina, and so we don't engage in any very lengthy or strenuous activities. What we do, instead, is get ever bit of enjoyment out of what we can do.

And sometimes we really pay for our fun.

Take the shoreline stroll we did with Gina a while back. We took out the wheelchair and Robb got to move at a normal walking speed for the first time in ages. The trail was paved, but even so, Robb was jounced around in the wheelchair and suffered from bad back pain for much of the rest of the week. And in order to manage the back pain, Robb went back on the anti-spasm medication, which pretty much turned him into a zombie.

And on Sunday, we almost didn't go sailing at all because Robb wasn't certain that he was going to be able to find the energy for the entire outing.

But the good news is that tomorrow Robb's new wheelchair is supposed to be delivered. He will have a final fitting, as the wheelchair has been custom made for Robb. Hopefully, this new wheelchair will offer enough mechanical advantage so that Robb will be able to extend his duration and mobility.

And the other good news is that we do not have to go into the Department of Motor Vehicles at eight tomorrow morning. Robb got a call from the hearing officer at the DMV, who told him that the hearing could be conducted over the telephone. So, if all goes well, Robb will be able to get a Special Instruction Permit, and begin learning to drive an adapted automobile.

And, maybe we'll even go back for sailing instructions. I'm not sure if I'll be eligible for the classes, as I'm not the one with disabilities.


Lock Wench said...

Excellent news. Let me know how the new chair works out...and just in time for your gathering, too!

Glad to hear the DMV is helping out as well.


shiloh said...

Good for Robb !!!!!!!

I still think you should have gone with the tracked ROBO chair. :)

Anonymous said...

If Robb is really like a zombie, make sure to wipe the blood off him before he falls into bed at night, ok? I saw the zombie video linked to your blog, and it made me want to go out and buy tampons.

- Annalisa

Lisa and Robb said...

I couldn't believe that I didn't get a zombie comment earlier from you, Annalisa!


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