Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scenes from the Market, Independence Day Weekend

While Robb and I shopped, I annoyed all the vendors and jammed my camera into their produce. Ah, summer!

Red White and Blueberries!
(They've developed varieties of blueberries that grow in California.)

Some Lovely Salad Greens


Tomatoes on the Vine

I got chatting with the coffee roaster guys. This is a portable "field roaster" that they use at the market, but that would really be used in the fields of a coffee plantation to test the quality of the crops. You can see Robb sitting on a wall in the background and holding his coffee.

This is unhulled, raw coffee

And the roasted beans...

What Robb and I call a "California Moment." This is a fruit smoothie stand run by some religious order. I had never seen a clerical tank top until today.


Cape Cod Lightning Bug said...

Awesome pictures, as always!
I could smell those coffee beans.
-Cape Cod Lightning Bug, who has been hanging out with the real lightning bugs, this fine summer weekend

Rosie said...

Oh wow, I am so jealous. What beautiful looking produce!! And a tank top with a collar - that's a new one for me too.

MoonBunny said...

Do blueberries not naturally grow in California? I thought everything grew in California! It's just about blueberry-picking time here in GA... your pics make me anxious to go!

Anonymous said...

I don't honestly think I ever saw raw, unhulled coffee before! Now I have to head to our little dinky've made me crave all things fresh from the earth~


Lisa and Robb said...

They're found/developed varieties of blueberries that grow in California. (I think this is a fairly recent development...)

The market is really lovely....the bread, the cheeses, the people (they're tasty of course)!

shiloh said...

I think I've seen a top like that in movies. The priests had them on. I dunno maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Does the coffee roaster custom roast?


Lisa and Robb said...

Yup...all the coffee they sell at the market is roasted on the spot.

I think that the woman making the Forbidden Fruit Smoothies (my name) looks like Trinity in the Matrix movies.

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful eye to capture such simple images yet make them so remarkable. I always enjoy your photographs.


Donna said...

Robb & Lisa,

Have a safe and happy 4th! Thinking of you....
Love from B-More, Donna

Donna said...

Robb & Lisa,
Have a safe and happy 4th. Thinking of you....
Love from muggy B-More....

Donna said... hopefully 2times said is better than 1...??

Anonymous said...

Was that fruit smoothie supposed to be "good for your soul?"


oldpatterns said...

I googled it.
You can find a sleveless clerical shirt

Great photos lisa!


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