Friday, June 02, 2006

small world!

Robb was on his way to a therapy appointment Thursday when he noticed a man wearing the same style brace that he wears. He tapped the man on his shoulder and the two struck up a lively sidewalk conversation. (This man had already spotted Robb. Funny the things we get tuned into.)

Oddly, this man and Robb had the exact same 'burst fracture" on the L1 vertebra. However, they are not experiencing the same outcomes from the injury. Robb has more damage to the nerves that go to his legs and feet, but this gentleman has greater issues in other parts of his body.

Robb gave this man his phone number and is hoping to get together with him soon. He says that within twenty seconds of knowing each other, they were discussing very particular and personal details of their conditions.

Robb and I had investigated some form of "peer counseling," but couldn't find anyone whose situation was similar enough to Robb's to seem relevant. As it turns out, Robb has a peer less than a mile from our home.

...and another visit to the neurosurgeon

Robb had another series of xrays, and a follow-up with his neurosurgeon today. The bones look good, but will not be fully healed for six months to a year. Robb will continue spending more time out of his brace, and we understand that he is likely to be going without it altogether in the next few months.

Robb is "off" of most of his medications. So far so good.

He got some answers about his "spinal restriction," and what sort of movements he could start doing in therapy and at home. Nothing much has changed on that front.

hello and goodbye

Our friends Rebecca and Sten are honeymooning in California, and we may meet up with them next week after their backpacking adventure in Big Sur.

Today my beloved boss Wil moves on to a new career outside of the theater. Robb and I met Wil when we all worked at the Dallas Theatre Center. He has always been a paragon of good humor, good sense and good taste, and I will miss him as a colleague, but hopefully will still see him as a friend!

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Anonymous said...

"Small world" stories are the best. Renews my faith in the cosmos.



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