Saturday, June 17, 2006

Robb's Back...

Robb is beginning to regain sensation around the site of his surgical incision. It seems that whenever he starts to get feeling back in a part, there is a period where his body is experiences slightly "scrambled" signals.

Lately, he says that when he has his brace off, that part of his back feels larger or fuller than he thinks it should, and his mind is telling him that he is able to feel all the metal structures that have been installed in his spine.

Although there is a fairly significant amount of what they call "instrumentation" in his back, it is highly unlikely that he is able to feel any of it. If anything, Robb's back may be slightly less curved than it used to be. But I'm not sure if this is true, either. Robb's xrays show a spine that curves in a smooth, uninterupted manner.

For the first few days after Robb's accident, Robb's body was telling him that his toes were tied in knots, which they weren't. He would ask me to touch his toes so that his brain and eyes could get the correct signal, and he could disregard the incorrect information.

As we were waking up this morning, I put my hand on Robb's back and this apparently triggered these sensations. Odd, and slightly unpleasant, but I do take this a good sign.

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terri said...

Sorry I've dropped off the comments page for a while . . . things were busy at work all through May and June and I feel like I have finally wrestled my life back under my control and not Cedar Lake's. It's actually nice to have been away from the blog for two weeks and to read all about the great progress both of you have been making.

And while this may be a little late in the saying, your June 5 parking lot story really struck home for me. I am just the same way -- I handle crisis like a trooper and then weep over the dumbest thing weeks later. It's what people who nuture other people do. It's a special way we have of being able to get through those moments that we don't think we can get through. We cry later. It's ok. And I LOVE the flower pictures . . .in fact, you inspired me . . check this out - it is just for you and Robb:

I love you both madly!


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