Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Nicest Day We Could Imagine!

This past week, our friend James called us up and asked if we wanted to go to Point Reyes with him. We weren't certain that Robb had the stamina for the ride, much less any walking around in the park itself. But James assured us that if this was too much for us, we could just turn back.

The drive was great (and I didn't have to drive -- yippee I even got to do some sewing in the back seat) It was a glorious day. Perfect cloudless sky, brisk wind....lovely.

The former hotdog joint as Drakes Beach has transformed into an organic and locally grown lunch spot. We had a delicious lunch, including stinging nettles.

How are stinging nettles?

Exceptionally tasty!

Walking on the beach was challenging. The wind was incredibly strong and we were getting sand in our faces.

We drove on to Chimney Point, and Robb took a little rest in the car while James and I walked to the end of the point. I got talking with a couple of bird-watchers, who pointed out two juvenile peregrine falcons which we probably wouldn't have seen. He also told me where peregrine falcons may be found near our home, which we'll have to investigate.

And then James took us out to the historic ranch at the end of Tomales Bay. Although there are working ranches within the park, this one isn't one of them. We saw loads of barn swallows in the old hay barn, as well as California Quail on the lichen covered fences. (We also saw ravens and vultures eating a dead cow, but nevermind.) There certainly is no lack of diversity in the types of lichen at this ranch!

From the ranch, we walked up the hill, where we could see the famed Point Reyes Tule Elk. It is calving season, and we saw several babies. (We also saw a cow giving birth, at one of the other ranches. It was not a hardship to refrain from taking photographs of this for the blog. Nope. We don't need to share these sorts of things!)

This may have been the longest walk that Robb has done on uneven terrain. Something about the sunshine that makes walking easier.

On the drive home, we stopped in Inverness for dinner, and Robb and James indulged me while I stashed a letterbox.

Robb fell asleep in the car during the short drive from James' house to our apartment. He never sleeps in the car!

Thank you so very much for a wonderful day, James!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Lisa, have I mentioned how much I enjoy your photography??? I would even have enjoyed the calf birth pix!!!


Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoy your wonderful photography. Glad Robb is doing so well.

Lisa and Robb said...

Really...nobody wants to look at the miracle of calf-birth, especially if they're reading the blog while drinking coffee.

I also omitted any pictures of the ravens and vultures feasting on the deceased cow. (Of course, James and Robb were teasing me that I should include all that on the blog, but I had yuor best interests in mind, Gentle Readers.)

Anonymous said...

I want to know what your backseat sewing project was!

Lisa and Robb said...

I'm working on a quilt.

shiloh said...

Lisa, you can sew in a moving car and not stitch yourself? I'm impressed.
Now,Robb,about that homebrew do you bottle or keg?


Anonymous said...

A quilt!! I must request a photograph when you're ready to show it!


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