Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Day in Nature

Today was another glorious California day. Robb and I went up to Redwood Regional Park for a lazy afternoon in nature. We hung out and watched the birds swooping around, talked and generally enjoyed ourselves. As has become our routine, Robb went to lay down in the car, and I crawled around in the underbrush with my camera.

Robb and I found a few ripe blackberries. He dove right into the bushes to pick them, and laughed at me when I said they tasted like summer.

There were an awful lot of flowers that I couldn't identify...



This is Quaking Grass.

And this, is something that our East Coast friends may not recognize. We'll give you a hint, it is the other "leaves of three, leave it be" plant. Poison Oak.

A Night at the Theater

We have not been to see any theater or films because Robb has not been able to sit for long periods of time. This has been improving lately, so we decided to see The Miser at Berkeley Rep. We had a great time, but as it turns out, Robb really isn't able to sit through the length of a Moliere play. His legs had gone numb and he could barely walk out to the street after the show.

(Yep....that's one more sticking-out tongue image.)


Leslie Martinson said...

Hi Robb & Lisa --
Just wanted to say hi. Love checking the blog to see how you're doing. Cheers, Leslie M.

Anonymous said...

How ever did you guys get a photo of me drinking day old coffee in the morning?



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