Thursday, May 25, 2006


Robb has been working at a physical therapy gym called Flex. He takes the bus (by himself!) to get there, and I pick him up on my way home from work. The gym is Pilates-based, which seems to be working out well for him.

A walk down the hill to the bus stop, a bus ride, a walk to the gym, and forty five minutes of exercise may not sound like much, but Robb finds this totally exhausting.

Less than four months ago, Robb was flat on his back, in tons of pain and unable to move his feet. I consider his recovery nothing short of miraculous. His actor training seems to be a great boon in his therapy, as he tends to have very good "body awareness" and learns his exercises very quickly.

Up and Down The Stairs

I never fully appreciated how much of a team Robb and I were in terms of all those daily tasks that you take for granted. In fact, I will sheepishly admit that Robb was a much better house keeper than I'll ever be.

Now that he cannot carry anything up or down our infamous forty-four stairs, I have a lot more schlepping to do. Groceries, laundry, garbage, recycling, packages to mail or bring into the house.... Occasionally, one of our neighbors bumps into us on the stairs and helps me out with a bit of the heavy lifting, for which I am always thankful. After a big therapy session, Robb is usually too tired to carry a backpack with his change of clothes.

I'm not a delicate flower, but I have to say that I've come to dream about a day when I don't have to carry all the groceries by myself. Kitty litter, juice, milk....Those things are heavy!

But it isn't all work...

Yesterday was a day that the letterboxers across the country designated as a national letterbox-planting day, and Robb and I got into the spirit of this by swinging by a favorite building on Oakland, and hiding a little something to commemorate this glorious example of art deco architecture.

What's so funny is that in less than twenty four hours, one of our local letterboxers, Lea, had already found what I had created.

Those crazy letterboxers!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh and golly-- Lea (and others I'm afraid) beat me out on this one-- I had to generate revenue this week-- bummer the job and kids get in the way of being a first finder and supreme boxer(OK-- I'm just kidding everyone-- at least about the kids!!!). I can't wait to find your art deco beauty Lisa. So glad to see such continued improvement for you Robb-- All good wishes from another crazy letterboxer, Anna


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