Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thinking Good Thoughts

I feel compelled to sing the praises of the nurse case workers who have been guiding us through all of this. When the accident happened, I steeled myself, figuring that I would have a lot of fighting ahead of me. Robb would need an advocate, and I would be as tough as he needed me to be.

I figured I would be spending vast periods of time on the phone, battling with the insurance company.

But I was pleasantly surprised by how utterly wonderful our insurance case workers have been. These women are sweet as angels, as compassionate as saints, and as tenacious as pit bull terriers. I adore our two case workers, and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to have them working on Robb's behalf.

Plus which, they're totally cool ladies and I like them both very much! Hurray for our nurse case workers!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow we have a much-anticipated follow up visit with Robb's neurosurgery team. The reader may remember that we had scheduled a previous visit, but for whatever reason, none of the neurosurgeons were present at that appointment. Apparently, a scheduled appointment is no guarantee that a doctor will be in the office.

There is much to discuss, and we are hoping to hear good news.

Think good thoughts for us!

I haven't mentioned

A while ago I wrote that Kara had been hit by a car while out on her scooter, and had sustained a serious hand injury. Alarmingly, Kara had to return to the hospital, because she developed a very troubling infection. Our mutual friend Ellen is arriving Friday night to help Kara out. I'll be picking her up at the airport, and driving her to Kara's place.

If you know Kara, please consider sending her a get well card.
We have learned, first hand, how much this small gesture is appreciated.

Kara Larson
San Francisco Opera
301 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102


knitica said...

Oh man, all my love to Kara. Please tell her I'm keeping her in thoughts and prayers along with Robb. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

I will keep good thoughts coming to all out there! BTW, May 6th is National Nurses Day.... maybe you could let these nurse case managers know what you said here today about them! That would be a wonderful nurses day gift!!!


Ginger said...

Catching up on Robb's recovery. I am most impressed that he's going out on shopping expeditions!! That's fabulous! Keep up the good work and hooray for the nurse case managers!!!!

Knit Wit


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