Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movin' On

I forgot to write that last Friday was Robb's final session with Rehab Without Walls. During this session, Robb did part of his therapy without his full-torso brace. Check out Robb in his t-shirt and no brace! Pretty cool, huh?

We're so thankful to Doreen (behind Robb) and Marcella (up front) for everything they have done with Robb. We hope the wine we bought them wasn't stinky, and that Doreen enjoys her two week trip to China. Thanks ladies! You both brought a lot of sunshine into our lives!

Today's new adventure was Outpatient Physical Therapy at a facility called Flex in Oakland. As planned, Robb rode the bus to therapy, and went through the session with Linda, his nurse case manager. As planned, I left work early to pick him up and drive him home. But somehow, he forgot that and took off on his own. Oh well...

Anyway, it is spring, and the cats are shedding. We get some completely demented glee at tossing these huge fluffy chunks of cat hair out the apartment window, and watching them sail over Oakland. Who knows, maybe we'll delight a small child, or give a birdie some nesting material.

It is more likely that we'll just horrify the neighbors.


isabel said...

Great photo of Robb! Marcella looks a bit like my sister...!

About the fur...what fun is life if you can't terrify your neighbors? Or help birdies build nests? ;-)

sheila said...

MY GOODNESS, that quilt looks fantastic on that bed. Is it finished? Black kitty with her red tongue also matches the decor. Is that the new bed?
My cats are starting to shed as well.

I'm planning to drive down to Massachusetts in a week and will probably take the kitties with me. We are going for a couple of weeks.

It is wonderful to see Robb looking so bright and strong. I am sure much of his rapid improvement has to do with the supportive love and care he gets from having such a diligent partner!

I imagine the two of you will become HUGE advocates of workplace safety (even more than now) and I bet safety education will become a big part of your futures. The West Coast needs a Monona?


Anonymous said...

With 2 dogs and 2 cats shedding in the house....the other day, I closed a door that usually stands open. Well, the dust bunny that flew out of there was so huge that I thought I had another animal and went and got food for it!!!

See you soon...

terri said...

I don't want to belittle anything Robb is doing in therapy -- but riding on the big bouncy ball looks like a lot of fun! I think my cousin had one of those, but with a horse's head for a handle.

Congratulations on taking the next step -- forgetting who is doing what and not waiting for your ride. It's starting to sound like a normal life!


Lisa and Robb said...

Ah yes, the hoppity horse! You an see that Robb is clearly enjoying his yoga/therapy version!

I think a little horsey head (and handles) would be a good thing!

Chris Killion said...

Robb and Lisa,

Your ability to maintain the blog, keep smiles on your faces and remind the rest of us that life is so worth living can only be described as phenomenal. A day in the life certainly doesn't have to be mundane no matter what the situation.

What an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Lisa and Robb- The latest photo of Robb sitting on that ball gives me some ideas- Put Robb in a tighter blacker T-shirt and he would look well in a dance club with one of those cowboy-themed bucking bronco rides.

Been literally digging up several truck-loads of plants to give to Habitat for Humanity. It's good exorcise for our bad backs. Once Robb recovers he's got a job offer to come out and dig for us. It's great for strained backs, apparently. The habitat people were happy to get the plants- as will be the birdies who get your cat's fur. Ever think about stuffing pillows?

Annalisa and Gary


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