Saturday, April 08, 2006

We're Okay

Robb and I were talking today about how we both have surprised ourselves by realizing that no matter how this whole thing turns out, we'll be all right with it. Neither of us have any anger, or regrets, or sadness.

Who knew we had such a Zen-like acceptance of the hand we've been dealt?

A few great cards

The card at the top of the posting is from Leslie, and the lower card is from Terri.

I think you two would really like each other, by the way... You're both wickedly funny, caring and have a background in stage management.


ZeitgeistMama said...

there was an article in the new yorker a while ago that really stuck with me. had to do with set points for happiness - very much like the zen acceptance you're talking about.

they studied people who won the lottery - you'd think they'd be happier than people who hadn't, right? turns out that winners were briefly happier, but then went back to the way they were before. same thing with people who had what one would think be negative experiences - like you, Robb, maybe - once they got through the initial trauma, they adjusted.

I've always liked knowing that humans have an infinite capacity to adjust in the face of life's good and bad.

and Robb - you've always struck me as one whose setpoint for happiness was pretty high - so I know you're going to come out okay on the other side.

p.s. you guys know this is jennie & dave's handle, right? i'm not sure i ever identified myself...didn't want you thinking you had some random commentator!

Leslie Martinson said...

Hi Robb & Lisa -- I'm addicted to your blog, but hadn't thought to leave a comment. So very glad to hear the progress and joy you both manage to find. I pass on the news to everybody else at TWorks.
big hug, Leslie M.

terri said...

It's good to know that even if I can't take a photo, I can recognize a good one when I see it!

Was GREAT to talk to you saturday -- and while I was in Baltimore went out with Adrienne Gieszl and her beautiful baby Celia Rose! - and she sents her regards to you and Robb -- and I am going to send her the link to your blog.

be well :-)


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